Source: BusinessWire, Javelin Strategy & Research, 22nd February 2012

More than 11.6 million adults became a victim of identity fraud in the United States, while the dollar amount stolen held steady.

One of the key factors potentially contributing to the increase in incidents was the significant rise in data breaches. The survey found 15 percent of Americans, or about 36 million people, were notified of a data breach in 2011. Consumers receiving a data breach notification were 9.5 times more likely to become a victim of identify fraud.

According to the survey the three most common items exposed during a data breach are credit card number, debit card number, social Security number…

When it comes to social networks, LinkedIn users are more than twice as likely to have reported being a victim. Fraud incidence among MySpace users is lower compared to the general consumer. Additionally, those consumers who regularly check-in with GPS-enabled information also reported fraud rates more than double the average.

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